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Empower yourself with tech skills

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We are proud to have completed countless courses with our technology experts and to have students who have job opportunities in leading companies thanks to these courses.

Boost your career with
in demand tech skills

Empower yourself with tech skills. OAK Academy is where your dream career begins.

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What roles can you work in the industry?

At OAK Academy, you can build a career from scratch by improving your technical skills with online courses and one-on-one mentoring programme provided by experts who have been providing cybersecurity services in the industry for years. Job opportunities in many positions are waiting for you in cybersecurity.

Cyber Security Analyst
Cyber Defence Analyst (SIEM)
Security Awareness Specialist
Penetration Tester
Cyber Security Engineer
Security Specialist
Vulnerability Specialist
Detection and Response Analyst -MDR Analyst
Threat Intelligence Analyst
Cyber Threat Analyst
Security Operations Center Analyst (SOC)
Cyber Sales Consultant

What OAK Academy

Feyza Tekin, SOC Analyst

I applied to a single company and was accepted. I will work as a SOC Analyst at a cybersecurity company. I didn’t have any IT background. Our instructors were not just interested in coming to class, lecturing and finishing the course. Their support continued after the course as well as throughout course. We have studied to improve our soft skills. My career choice has made me very happy.

İsa Yıldız, Threat Analyst

I signed a contract for Threat Analyst Level 1 position. The position I applied at Deutsche Bank normally required 1 year of experience. Despite this requirement, they found my knowledge sufficient enough and hired me. I can say that I completed this course with my family because our instructors made serious sacrifices too. We are very happy about the outcome as a family.

Mustafa Karakaya, Penetration Tester

I received an offer from Siemens for the position of Penetration Tester. What is explained in the course is really sufficient. I think anyone can take this course. When you spend a little more time studying, you graduate from this course at the level of someone who has just graduated from the computer engineering department. I don’t think I will find this opportunity anywhere else.

Digital Campus,
Virtual Classroom

Interactive Q&A with instructors and peers

Live Courses

Hands-on labs in a virtual environment

Extended access to class recordings, to review topics on your own time

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Meet the Team

Muharrem Aydın


After graduated Computer Science & Engineering BSc programme, he started his IT career as a software engineer. Blending his software development experience with cyber security, he switched to this domain. Meanwhile, he completed the IT Law MSc programme. He was a member of the Cybersecurity Institute of Turkey's founding team. Delivered cyber security courses in universities as an adjunct instructor. He carried this experience to the UK and founded Hacker Academy in 2017.

Bâkır Emre


After doing research on Cybersecurity for a long time, he has led the offensive security team that performs mobile and web application penetration tests and implemented a secure software development life cycle on large application security programs in the financial sector. He has led the cyber operations team for one of the Big-Four Companies and has in-depth experience in infrastructure, application, and cloud penetration testing, having served numerous global and local clients. He has trained many people in cybersecurity.

Şerife Külahlı


Handan Arslan Yıldıran

Course Coordinator

Ahmet Doğru

HR Consultant

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Re-skill & future-proof your career regardless of your background

The essential part of our education is the hands-on program. In our mentor class, you will receive one-on-one attention. You can contact our instructors and team at any time and get help with any subject.

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